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Jolanda Cristiano

“I had the pleasure to collaborate with Gloria and Emma during retreats designed for women and it was an unforgettable experience. Each of them has a wonderful and unique way of helping and encouraging others to heal, rise and shine. I learnt a lot from them and felt so much inspired to continue my healer journey. I highly recommend them, they are not only caring and highly professional facilitators, they’re among the best human beings I had the bliss to work with

Špela Strmšek

Being a part of the team was an amazing experience. Like opening a new door. Words for sure can’t express how wholesome my experience was. But for sure if you feel the call, I recommend to work with them.Their hearts are full of love, compassion and their intentions are pure. I learned so much from them and the flow was always without stress. Working with them was like having a structure, but still enough space to be spontaneous. They come from different backgrounds, indigenous/traditional and also more modern psychology/therapy. So combination is just perfect and is complementing each other. They hold a lot od knowledge and a lot of joy to share it with people.Being part of the team and part of retreats was like having a big family of sisters. It’s truly magical.


My name is Rotem, and I had the privilege of participating in psylocibine and ayahuasca ceremonies with Gloria and Emma. Throughout the ceremonies, Gloria and Emma demonstrated deep respect for the cultural origins of the practice, and enhanced the experience with beautiful instrumental playing and singing. They fostered a safe environment for each participant to have their own unique experience. Whenever I felt overwhelmed by the intensity of the journey, Gloria and Emma provided expert guidance and support, helping me to navigate the experience and calm my nerves. I am incredibly grateful for the life-changing experience and owe much to these two amazing women.


‘Emma and Gloria guided me through my first experience with psychedelics and went above and beyond to make me feel safe and supported through the whole process. They are both incredibly kind, empathetic and patient people and they have such a calming presence.  I couldn’t have asked for better people to be with me during the experience and also the day after, to help me process and start to integrate what had happened. Thanks to Emma and Gloria I have been able to take the insights I gained and bring them back to my day to day life.  I can’t recommend them highly enough.’

Indy Shanguera

I was quite nervous going into my first psychedelic experience. But Gloria was genuinely the most calming and amazing person, and made the experience so much better. Her whole aura and energy really made the experience for me, and I wouldn’t hesitate to have another experience with Gloria there to assist.

Nieves Garcia

“Para mi, Emma y Gloria son unas acompañantes de excepción, con una atención y un cariño incomparable.  Ha sido una experiencia extraordinaria, en todo momento me sentí segura y protegida. Sin duda alguna, repetiré. Espero veros pronto. Un abrazo gigante. Os merecéis lo mejor.”

Marius Dorsch

I had the pleasure to experience a psychedelic retreat with Gloria and Emma as hosts in late 2022. Both are wonderful people with a big heart and the ability to create an atmosphere of belonging, comfort and togetherness. They played a key role in creating an unforgettable experience for me and the other retreat participants. I can undoubtedly recommend a retreat with both as they have a gift to take care of you.


I attended a three day session with Gloria and I must admit that those were some of the best days in my life. Gloria is a genuine, positive and loving person and I feel blessed having had the honor to meet her. It is those situations that make certain life experiences like these unique and memorable; meeting people for the first time but feeling connected with them in the most familiar way possible. This journey helped me connect deeply with my inner self. Gloria’s energy, her VOICE and her guidance played an essential part in it. I wish for many more women to experience such deep connection. It was truly magical and powerful. Thank you Gloria!!

Michael K.

“I am so thankful for Glorias presence in the sessions. She was the key that opened the door to my journey with her knowledge, guidance, peaceful energy and lovely vocals! It was a truly transformative experience.Thanks Gloria!!! :)”