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Gloria Monroy

My name is Gloria, I am Colombian, and currently a student of art therapy in Barcelona. I started my journey with plant medicines at a very young age when I tried yagé with the Inga tribe in Colombia, which uses wachuma (san pedro) and rapé to prepare the body. It was an experience that completely changed my life as it healed my body and soul.

I moved away from the path of plant medicines when I discovered the Hare Krishna temple in Bogotá and spent time with the Krishna devotees, learning their scriptures, music, food, meditation, and yoga.

I studied pharmaceutical chemistry in Bogotá and came to Spain to continue my university education. Although my university classes revealed to me that my way of helping people is through ancestral medicines from my culture.

Working with women has always been my dream, and I firmly believe that this planet will be a much better place when women empower themselves, unite, and return to love and care from the heart. That’s why I also want to incorporate the ancestral wisdom of Colombian indigenous women, making them part of this project.

I share ceremonies of rapé, San Pedro, Ayahuasca, and also perform ceremonies of “children of the sky” (magic mushrooms) that I grow with love and care for myself.

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