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Emma Mirabent

I am Emma Mirabent, Psychologist and Science Communicator from Spain.

During my degree I specialised in Neuropsychology, and I started getting in touch with psychedelics on my 4th year, when I took a subject in psychopharmacology and I read for the first time about the potential of psychoactive substances to heal trauma and improve mental health.

After graduating, I studied science communication with the intention to spread the knowledge about the brain and destigmatize mental health. But it was a few years later, while I was travelling through Latino America, when I really connected with the healing power and potential of psychoactive plants in a way that was life changing.

First in Nicaragua and later in Colombia, I had the opportunity to live close to communities that were deeply related with entheogens and had the mission to share these plants with those who needed and connected with them. That is how I started my own healing journey in a beautiful and profound process that made me reconnect with psychology and therapy in a completely different way. I was able to see how much psychedelics can help people and society in general, and how important it is to work for everyone’s mental health, healing, and development. Since then, I have been studying psychedelics, facilitation, and integration therapy, as I truly believe that these substances are very special and can be extremely helpful and beneficial for those who approach them with respect and responsibility. 

I have been able to witness deep healing, empowerment and lifechanging experiences while working with psychedelics, and it is my biggest goal, mission, and honour to accompany people in their journey to self-healing. 

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