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My name is Almudena, and I am from Valencia, Spain. I felt the calling of medicines in 2009, starting with Grandfather Peyote, and since then, I have participated in numerous ceremonies with different medicines from Native American cultures. I am a vision seeker and a sun dancer (altars of the Red Path), and a guide for temazcales, where I hold the space with medicine songs.
My life is dedicated to caring for and holding spaces of healing, as part of my own journey of growth and support to the others. My passion for plants and beauty has led me to create organic and natural cosmetics and to share this knowledge through workshops about natural cosmetics.
I firmly believe that the change in the world will come through female empowerment, and I am here with my sisters to accompany women on this path of healing. When one woman heals, we all heal.
Thank you for the opportunity. Aho Mitakuye Oyasin (For all our relations)

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