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Private Ceremonies

At Femtheogen, we understand that healing should be collective. That’s why, even though our retreats are for women, we offer individual and small-group sessions for all genders. These sessions provide a unique opportunity for individuals to engage in deep inner work and access deeper levels of self-awareness and personal transformation.

In these sessions, we provide a safe, nurturing, and controlled environment for you to explore and process your psychedelic experiences. During individual sessions with psychedelics, we foster an attitude of openness and acceptance, allowing emotions, thoughts, and profound experiences to arise and be meaningfully integrated. We offer emotional support and facilitate navigation through altered states of consciousness, helping participants gain a deeper understanding of themselves and address underlying issues in their psyche.

These sessions can be particularly beneficial for those seeking to heal past traumas, address mental health issues such as depression or anxiety, or explore and expand their consciousness and sense of connection with the world around them. We have observed that these experiences can lead to increased clarity, understanding, and positive changes in people’s lives.



We offer on-demand psychedelic integration sessions for anyone who feels that could benefit from them. The work with master plants goes beyond the ceremony and the consumption of the substance itself. To fully benefit from their healing power, intense personal work is necessary, with clear intentions and the motivation to make real changes in our attitudes and behaviors. All of this belongs to the integration of a psychedelic experience, an essential part of psychedelic therapy to achieve lasting effects and enhance personal growth and development.

You can get in touch with us to arrange integration sessions both if you have participated in a retreat with Femtheogen or if you need to integrate a personal experience that took place in a different context. During the integration sessions, we will explore what happened during your psychedelic experience and relate it to your personal history and life events. From there, we can work together to develop the best strategies for your personal benefit, healing, and growth.


If you need integration support after a challenging psychedelic experience, we can also provide guidance to help you integrate what happened and regain your inner peace. Being able to become aware of the lessons that any experiences with plant medicine can bring us, embracing what can be beneficial and putting into perspective anything that may cause confusion.

The use of entheogens induces brain plasticity. After a session, we have the opportunity to add all that new information into our mental framework once it has been processed and digested. It’s like adding a new puzzle piece to our mind, and integration allows us to gradually smooth the edges of this new piece so that it can fit correctly, transforming our intentions for the session into reality in our lives. Through integration, we can become aware of the gained knowledge and the experienced emotions, sensations and attitudes, in order to process them in the appropriate areas of our lives.

When starting the integration process, we will evaluate each case to determine the most beneficial approach and methodology for the individual. If you feel we could help you, please contact us via email at or by phone at +34 664692791.



Psilocybin microdosing refers to the practice of consuming subperceptible doses of psilocybin mushrooms with the aim of experiencing subtle benefits in mood, cognition and overall well-being, without the intense hallucinogenic effects associated with higher doses.

When microdosing, a minimal amount of the substance is taken, usually around 10% to 20% of a full “ceremonial” dose. This amount is low enough to avoid significant visual or perceptual alterations, but it is enough to influence certain aspects of brain functioning.

The benefits of this practice include increased creativity, concentration, energy, emotional connection, and greater open-mindedness. Additionally, some scientific reports have indicated improvements in mental health, such as reduced anxiety and depression, reduction of sleep disorders as well as an enhanced ability to cope with stress.

From Femtheogen, we support you in this process with integration sessions, or we also offer the possibility of obtain only the microdoses. However, we always recommend you to have professional support during the 10-week treatment.

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